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Few things are as distressing for men like erectile dysfunction, but if you need a penile implant to achieve an erection, it’s important to know that over 90% of men are very satisfied with the results. As a skilled urologist, J. Abram McBride, MD, has years of experience successfully performing penile implant surgery so his patients can enjoy a full sex life. If you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection or you’d like to learn more about penile implants, call his office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or schedule an appointment online.

Penile Implant Surgery Q & A

When might I need penile implant surgery?

Dr. McBride may recommend a penile implant to treat two conditions:

Erectile dysfunction

You have erectile dysfunction if you can’t have or maintain an erection that’s firm enough for sexual intercourse. There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, and, in most cases, men use other treatments such as medications before considering penile implant surgery.

Peyronie’s disease

When men with Peyronie’s disease have an erection, their penis is curved rather than straight. Peyronie’s, which is caused by scar tissue inside your penis, can be painful and may cause erectile dysfunction.

What should I know about penile implants?

Dr. McBride surgically inserts penile implants inside your penis, where they give you the ability to have an erection. You can choose from two types of implants:

Inflatable implants

Dr. McBride has a partnership with Boston Scientific, the company that manufactures penile implants. One type of implant, the AMS700™ inflatable penile prosthesis has three parts: a fluid-filled reservoir that Dr. McBride inserts under your abdominal wall, a pump that goes inside your scrotum, and two cylinders that he implants inside your penis.

Dr. McBride may recommend a two-piece inflatable implant, the AMS Ambicor™, which combines the reservoir with the pump.

To have an erection, you press the pump, which sends fluid from the reservoir into the two cylinders and causes an erection. When intercourse is finished, you press a release valve on the pump, allowing the fluid to flow back into the reservoir.

Semirigid rods

Boston Scientific also produces two types of malleable penile implants, the Spectra™, and Tactra™. Dr. McBride implants two rods in your penis. You simply bend the rods up to create an erection and keep them down the rest of the time.

After a careful examination, Dr. McBride suggests the best penile implant for your needs.

What should I expect during penile implant surgery?

During your surgery, Dr. McBride places the narrow cylinders or malleable rods in two hollow chambers called the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa line your penis and contain spongy tissue that normally fills with blood to cause a natural erection.

If you get an inflatable implant, Dr. McBride inserts the pump and reservoir, connecting the parts with narrow tubes.

You stay in recovery until the anesthesia wears off, then you can go home the same day. You should expect to have some swelling, bruising, and pain, but these side effects go away over a few weeks. Dr. McBride gives you post-op instructions about how to care for your penis and when you can return to work, exercise, and sexual activity.

If you have questions about penile implants, call J. Abram McBride, MD, or schedule an appointment online.